LPG Cylinder

  Linh Gas Cylinder Co., Ltd. has been in the forefront of the welded steel cylinder manufacturing business in Thailand for over 20 years servicing both local and export markets.
 We manufacture to the local and international standards design code for example Thai Ministry’s Standard (TISI), Australian Codes, BS Standards, EN standards and ISO standards extensive range of both 2 piece and 3 piece construction welded LPG cylinders and LPG automotive tanks. We also have the capability to design and manufacture the LPG cylinder and LPG auto-Cylinders to any standard that is required by the prospective customer.

          Our export markets cover South East Asia, South Asia, Australia, New Zealand, East, West and Southern Africa, the Caribbean and the UK.

                        Technical Aspects of Products

                                     Size Range for LPG cylinders
                                              – 2 KG – 50 KG

                                     Size Range for LPG Auto-Cylinder                          

                                              – 26 LT – 68 LT

      Our production capacity for the welded steel cylinders is as follows:
           – 2 piece cylinders = 3,000 pcs per shift
– 3 piece cylinders = 400 pcs per shift
– LPG automotive tanks = 200 pcs per shift

    Service Pressure
– 240-270 psi

   Steel Specifications :
Cylinder Shells

– JIS G3116 SG295
– JIS G3116 SG325
– EN 10120 P265
– EN 10120 P245

Collar and Footring
– JIS G3101 SS400

   Method of Finishing and corrosion Protection
– Zinc metallized after shot-blasting
Two coat of finish stoving paint
– Or Zinc-Rich Coating, Primer
Top Coat, Acrylic Clear, lacquer

Inspection Authority

– SGS (Thailand) Ltd.
– Bureau Veritas (Thailand) Ltd.

   Approved Quality License
– TISI Standard Mark (Thai Industrial Standard    Institution)
– TIS 27-1980
– TIS 370-1981
– ISO 9002 Approved by BVQI
– SHELL’S Approved LPG Cylinder Supplier
– ESSO’ S Approved LPG Cylinder Supplier
– CALOR’ S Approved LPG Cylinder Supplier
– ELF’S Approved LPG Cylinder Supplier
– TOTAL GAS’S Approved LPG Cylinder Supplier
– LPG Cylinder Approved Certificates by Work Cover of    Australia and New Zealand